“An Angry Earth”- Poetry!

I am going to be honest and forthcoming: this is not a nice poem. This poem was born from my anger from my anger about the United States deciding to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Yes, it does contain several cusswords, which are utilized to make a strategic impact and stand out from the rest of the prose. This is a literary choice I made, so if you choose not to read these words, please continue scrolling to a different blog. If you are still interested in reading, enjoy!



Goddamn this fucking bullshit.

Do I have your attention?

Stop shitting on me.

Fuck this godforsaken capitalist garbage.

I’m at the end of my rope.

Time for you to notice.

Notice your mother.

Notice this place from whence you

Crawled out of the sludge

The dust, the purest of clean waters-

Before you too aim with your waste

And turned those waters into toilets,

Than distilled it into the liquor you sell

To bored children

So they’re too docile and confused

To understand their impending doom.


They’re waking up.

Waking up to see the rape of the dusty cracked soul, crying with thirst


Day after day after day by fracking sledgehammers.

As the ground coughs forth gas,

Mixed with the dust and poison.

Blackening the sky and the lungs of the children of earth.

A bitter price to pay for a drink of oil,

A high of money and power.


Drink up.

Drown yourself

So the drink in your veins

Replaces your red blood,

Too heavy to move

Fat on the flesh of the bespoiled future.


We will rise.

We will rise from the sewage

Of a land spoiled by chemicals

And we will till the soil anew.

We will heal the land with new farms, new respect.

The hands of the man will provide

Enough for each need.


The liars and imposters,

The talking heads

Will topple

From the seat of power

To be trampled by the dirt-starved feet

Of a generation awake

Who demand satisfaction

For the burning of this house.


We will rebuild this home.

We are prepared for war.

We pray for peace.

We will accept one, for the other.


Be ready, for change is in the wind.

What force will you fight for?


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