For many reasons, the issue of Climate Change is about Legacy. At least, it is to me. It is about the kind of world I want to leave behind for the generations to come. I want to be able to say to my grandchildren that my generation is the generation that stopped climate change, that changed our ways, that set the world on the right path to mending itself. Here is my poem about the topic.




This is about legacy.

This is about a why.

This is about “no I can’t control your actions but I will try because it’s worth it.”

This is about no more “how”s

no more assumptions

Only a window

Into why I want us to throw our stuff into the right recycling, trash and compost bin.


For real.


This is about a legacy, and this is about a choice.

A legacy of “no I won’t die from the chemicals in the air but…

I can know that each day the particles of air I breath contain

more C02

more greenhouse gases

more harmful chemicals

then it did the last time I woke up.”

And they may not kill me but one day

my children and my children’s children may not be able to breath

because of the toxic accumulation

of my




It’s about a choice.


It’s about a basic choice

Do I throw all my trash in a trash can

or do I take 30 seconds

and sort it out

because believe it or not

that 30 seconds

makes a difference


and no I’m not perfect but I try

and I don’t want what happens to the future generations to be

my fault

no matter

how small

the fault

may be


this is about how excruciating it feels to watch

as people walk through the world

heads down


on the phone

oblivious to the beauty around them


it’s a message

it’s about power


and how we have more power than we could possibly imagine


It just needs to be owned.


By choice.


This is about legacy.


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