Under the Branches

Happy Arbor Day!! Today was Arbor Day (April 28), a day set aside to celebrate trees and all of the incredible things they do for us. In honor of Arbor Day and trees, I bring you: A POEM! I hope this inspires you to think about trees and all they do for us. Enjoy!


Under the branches of a tree
Just planted, in the spring
I stand, gazing proudly at the roots I have just put down
Leaning on the handle of my shovel in the sun
Hands stained with dirt, heart stained with pride

Under the branches of that tree
I run, in the summertime
Grateful for it’s shade- the branches stretching across my path
My feet pounding the earth, my body given brief respite

Under the branches of a tree
I meet my love
An evening stolen from our frenetic lives
From the hawkish gaze of our parents
to the hawkish gaze of the birds
watching, giving their “hoot hoot” blessing.


Under the branches of a tree,
my love gets on one knee
His eyes filled with love, with trust and hope, a promise of what’s to be
I smile and nod, and heart blossoms with joy
Under the blossoms of another spring, we seal the promise with a kiss.

Under the branches of a tree
We come here with our child
who learns to love ladybugs and learns to read
beneath the branches, now wiser with age.

We take her graduation pictures there
the branches filter the light
And grandchildren are warned gently not to trample
the roots with bikes and trikes.

The years pass by, the tree it grows, and our family does too.
Season after season, joy and pain
and all that life can brew
With love and joy and care and peace, this tree, she sees it all
In winter’s cold, spring’s rebirth, the joy of summer and colors of fall

Under the branches of the tree
My love and I walk, stooped
with age, but tall in heart and soul, as we slow now, in old age

We walk a path and turn a road, together close our eyes
And move along into darkening night
Together, closer our eyes.

Under the branches of a tree
We rest now, hand in hand
Our souls they roam, explore, and dance
Under the branches of a tree.  


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