It is beyond important, and beyond difficult, to have a little faith. Faith Is what keeps us going when we cannot see our results, the fruit of our hard work just yet. It is the belief that we will one day reap what we sow.

Faith is defined by the random online dictionary I used (at least I’m honest about my sources) as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”. Now, don’t know if I would go so far as to say complete trust, which may indicate some of the struggles I have with faith. Faith, to me, is belief or trust in something that we do not have concrete, physical proof for.

I used to struggle with faith in people and faith in karma. I couldn’t possibly wrap my head around the thought that people wouldn’t somehow let me down or fail to measure up to my standards. As a result, I ended up taking on a lot more responsibility, work, and, in the end, loneliness, that I could have avoided if I just had a little bit of faith.

I’m fairly certain this came from my need to feel like I could somehow control the outcome of my efforts in every aspect of life- school, family, relationships, and activism. But the righter I held to control, the more I felt out of control, and the more I felt tired, exhausted, and burnt-out.

The truth is, we have very little control. It took me a long time to accept that, and now I fully believe it. No matter how much work I put into this blog, I can only control the quality of my content and the strategy I use to promote it. I can’t control whether or not people will read it. I can’t control whether people will take action or become a part of the environmental movement. However, I can have faith.

I can have faith in the goodness of people, that they won’t shut out my words and my messages completely. I can have faith that we are on the cusp of a worldwide revolution toward a better tomorrow. I can have faith in my friends, colleagues, and fellow environmentalists that they will keep fighting the good fight. I do have faith. I do not have blind faith- to have blind faith would be to live without a healthy dose of realism, and without a work ethic and an ability to distinguish between what we can control, and the situations where we must have a little faith.

This is actually a lot scarier than fighting for control with every breath. It’s not any easier emotionally, but it’s a whole lot less work. So, today, I have faith. I have faith in you, I have faith in humanity, and I have faith that all the chaos that exists in our world, will turn out alright in the end. Better than alright, even.




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